Monday, August 27, 2007

Circus Arnardo

Tonight we went to a one-ring traveling circus, the Circus Arnardo from Russia, playing Trondheim for two nights only. Ahhh, the memories it brought back! It was everything we wanted from a small circus, a two hour show with elephants, dogs, and miniature horses. There was the requisite juggling clown, a magic show, a Taiwanese acrobat troop, a triple-trap act (I used to do double-trap), and some great gymnastics.

My favorite was the "lion" act... the Taiwanese acrobats did one routine with two-person lion costumes. It was beautiful and surprising.

The kids bought cotton candy and the servers were the trapeze performers. Other performers were selling tickets and light-up trinkets... in a small circus everyone does multiple jobs. During intermission, we got conned into paying a few crowns extra to go around back and see the minature horses and elephants up close. You could get your picture taken on elephant for extra. Any way to get a few extra bucks from the public -- the true spirit of the traveling circus!

We were very glad we went!

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