Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Cruise

After a much-too-early trip to Orlando, the kids and I spent a happy
and (mostly) relaxed 4 days on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. I would
highly recommend Disney cruises -- food and drink is available at any
time for "free" (included in the price) which is very nice for the
kids to be able to run up to get drinks or ice cream whenever they
want. The stage shows were topnotch, and we saw a couple of first-run
films in the spacious movie theater (Underdog and Ratatouille)

In the Bahamas, we went swimming with sting rays which was quite
extraordinary. 14 members of my family were aboard for our annual
reunion, and this was a great way to catch up with everyone just
before leaving for the year. It was a shame that Pam couldn't be
there, but we emailed each other and she was having a great time in
Trondheim, very happy and very excited.

Anna with Snow White. She wore special sparkle shoes just for the occasion.

We went swimming with stingrays!

Castaway Cay is home to the Flying Dutchman, the haunted pirate ship from "Pirates of the Carribbean."

We excavated whale bones. Maggie found a tooth the size of a banana!

One night we all dressed up as pirates!

Me with Experiment 626 ("Stitch").

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