Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Day at ThIS

We arrived at THIS this morning to this sight:

A good omen for the 29th of August.

The fortress, or festning, is the Kristiansten Festning which was built in the 1600s and repelled the Swedes in an invasion in 1718. It is right next door to Trondheim International School, and when we walk to school we usually walk through the fortress grounds.

I didn't have my camera on me so I ran to Pam's room to get her camera, certain the rainbow would be gone when I returned. I was wrong, not only was it still there, it was twice as bright with a faint double arc, the main arc spilling down right on the cannon and empty flagpole at the festning. As I shot pictures, I wished that the flag were up, and no sooner had it wished it, than up came the flag!

This morning I did math with the 5th and 6th graders, then sat for lunch with Maggie and several of the kids. They taught me some Norwegian phrases, like how to say "I am very ugly and stinky." It's good to have native kids around.

I also sampled some new foods at the school cafeteria: I tried 3 flavors of some kind of spread in big tubes like toothpaste, shrimp flavor, bacon flavor, and caviar flavor. Thumbs up for the shrimp and bacon flavors! Caviar was not to my liking. I also ate brunost, or brown cheese, a sweet caramel-like cheese which was both delicious and disgusting. Hmm.

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