Saturday, August 18, 2007

Exploring Downtown

Saturday morning we walked to THIS (T.rond.H.eim I.nternational S.chool), and the walk is longer than we were anticipating. It is only one mile away as the crow flies, but as the crow walks it’s quite a bit more. Nonstop it takes pam 45 minutes to walk, and with kids quite a bit longer. We had hoped to not need a car while in Norway, but the walk is too much for the kids. Bus passes for the year would cost us thousands of dollars and with no direct route from our apartment to the school, bus rides would take the same length of time as walking, so we will need a car.

We stopped at a 7-11 on the way (yes, they’re everywhere), got coffee and donuts and carried them up to an ancient fortress where we ate at tables overlooking the city. The fortress is situated in an old growth forest right in the city. We walked through the trees to complete our trip to THIS.

The school is terrific. It’s in a converted military barracks, and has classes for 3 year olds up through 10th grade. There’s a music room, cafeteria, a “soft room” full of mats and foam shapes and crawling tubes for the young kids, and plenty of outdoor fields and play structures. The schedule is such that the kids will have about 2 hours of play time each day, and they are very excited to start on Monday.

We worked for several hours getting Pam’s room in shape, then walked a very short distance into the downtown area of Trondheim... and WOW! The houses and cobbled streets are very charming and European. The cathedral in town in amazing, and history is beaming from every direction. We had a snack at a small cafe, dodged a few raindrops, and then Allan picked us up near the cathedral.

There's postcard views everywhere! Here's a scene from the bridge downtown.

This is the Nidoras Cathedral, the northermost medieval building in the world. "Nidoras" was the name of Trondheim during the Middle Ages. There was a wedding going on at the time, the wedding party was dressed in traditional wedding clothing.

Here's a few of the figures on the side of the cathedral. Juggling human heads was popular in medieval Trondheim.

On the top of the cathedral is a statue of Archangel Michael. The sculptor was irritated that he was asked to add a statue to a perfect building, so he gave Michael the face of Bob Dylan. How cool is it to be Bob Dylan?

Here's a guide to all of the statues on the cathedral: ... g/sandbox1

Life imitating art.


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