Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Drove Pam to school early this morning, then roused the kids to get ready for their first day of school. Sjokolade Weetos for Peter and Anna, toast and jam for Maggie, traditional toast, butter, and salami for me.

School was chaotic, everyone running everywhere, but we got everyone settled and I went home expecting to relax.

When I returned home, though, I found an email from Allan inviting me to his 10 am class. Not much time to decide: I have maps to decipher... how far is it? My ankles are very sore from pulling Anna up and down hills yesterday, and I understand parking is very difficult. It would be safer to stay home and tidy the apartment... I consider this for a moment and then slap myself. What kind of adventure is that? Let’s go get in some trouble!

So here I am, sitting in the back of an auditorium listening to a geology lecture in Norwegian. Allan is very natural with his students, looking very much the part of crazy and happy geology professor.

As part of the start of freshman courses, he needs to teach a week of mathematics, so as part of his introduction to man’s connection with stones, he is teaching the class to use a stone tablet abacus. (This is another surprise -- I am hoping to work on my novel while in Norway, and in my novel some of the people use stone boards, though I have never learned to use one myself. Norway is supplying ideas for my book right away!) Afterwards we will head over to the Matematikksenteret to meet my new colleagues.

NTNU has free wireless for anyone... I understand much of Trondheim is wireless, and Norway has the greatest per capita number of internet connections. Go figure.

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