Friday, August 17, 2007

The First Evening

Trondheim is on the largest fjord in Norway, which I’m told makes for the least spectacular scenery. You could have fooled me. It’s gorgeous, looking a lot like Bellingham Bay but larger. The city rises on hills on both sides of a river that winds through town, and a lake stretches out to the north to the convoluted walls of the fjord that look remarkably like the San Juan islands we see in the sound back home in Washington.

Our apartment is an area with plenty of green spaces and a playground right outside the door. We went for a walk to the grocery store Friday evening, only about 5 minutes away on a bike path that tunnels under a busy road to a small shopping plaza -- the ideal route for kids to run errands to the store unaccompanied.

Prices at the grocery are steep. According to our guidebook, we should never tell Norwegians that we find things expensive as they are tired of hearing about it. Most groceries cost about twice as much as at home, but fresh items are three times as much. Milk is about $8/gallon, and eggs are $5.50/dozen. I’m sure we will get used to the prices quickly, but these first few days it’s difficult to buy things. Of course we need to eat, and we will need to keep our fridge stocked. I imagine we will be very careful about what we buy and not let any scraps of food go to waste! Certainly, Norwegians earn the same as at home and seem to live in high style.

Friday night we slept for 12 hours.

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