Sunday, August 19, 2007

Found a Car

When I checked email last night, Allan also wrote to say he has purchased a car for us! It is a red diesel 1983 Mercedes station wagon just like his with a low odometer reading of 240,000 km. He got it for 13 000 Kr, which is about $2200. We’ll be able to pick up at the end of the week and until then we can use his car. He really is a genie!

We were planning to bike up into the blueberry hills this morning (Sunday), but Allan has invited us for a two-mile bike/hike on a trail through the woods to his hytte (cabin), where we can make pancakes and pick wild mushrooms. He’ll pick us up at 11:00.

We still need to figure out banking and telephone, but many of our problems have been no problem at all. I’ve been here less than 48 hours, and am very very happy. This will be a great adventure!

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