Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Matematikksenteret and Folksbibliotheka

I visited the Mathematikksenteret at NTNU yesterday and found the faculty outside of their windows on a balcony enjoying lunch in the sunshine. Fall has begun in Norway, and Norwegians are milking every last drop of sunshine from the days. Here I met Ingvill for the first time, and several of her colleagues. What a great bunch of people! We sat in the sunshine, enjoying the absolutely glorious view of all of Trondheim from the top floor. I found we have much in common professionally, and I look forward to some very interesting and valuable interactions in the coming months.

Tonight we went for a walk on the trails behind our apartment, and discovered a public library a very short distance from our home. We checked out many books, mostly children's books in Norwegian, and felt very lucky to have a library so close which the children can walk or bike to without crossing any streets.

The kids' biking skills have improved dramatically. In Ferndale, they learned to bike on flat roads. Here it's been hilly, and it's given me several heart attacks watching them go down hills, but they are doing it without crashing now and they love it!

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