Sunday, August 26, 2007


We got the car! Drove out with Allan and Peter about 45 minutes out of town to get our red Mercedes. It’s a 1983 diesel station wagon 300TD, with sunroof and rear-facing rear seats. Of course theres only two seats facing backwards, so with three kids we’re pretty much guaranteed an argument every day. The car also came with 4 studded tires, which I understand will be a neccessity come winter.

Peter is dying to drive the car. His legs have some growing to do, first.

Pam with the new car. What should we name it?

Allan has been just great. He loaned us his green Mercedes diesel station wagon for the week, hunted down this car for us, and paid for it while we figure out how to get money wired from our account in the US. If you’re ever planning to move to a foreign country, be sure to find yourself an Allan! Thank you Allan!

We went to a rummage sale this afternoon then had a very lazy afternoon -- I even fell asleep on the couch, and normally I hate sleeping. After dinner we went on bike rides exploring the Studentby, or “Student City”, an area of student and visiting faculty apartments nearby. The kids were in heaven with the dozens of different playgrounds in the complex.

Oh -- the skummet kultur? Yep, it's like runny yogurt, a bit tangier than I would like, but in a small quantity on a bowl of granola, it feels like I'm eating a Scandanavian health breakfast, and that's just fine by me!

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