Thursday, August 16, 2007

Orlando to Trondheim

A harrowing start to the trip from Orlando to Trondheim: Travelocity had charged me for 4 tickets, but only purchased 1. There were no tickets for the kids when we got to the airport. For once in my life I was 3 hours early for a flight -- thank goodness!

It took 65 minutes on a phone with an agent. "We can't get you a flight today, is it okay if you fly tomorrow or the next day?"

"Uhhhh... no. No it's really not okay at all."

They eventually found us flights, so it was off to Chicago, Stockholm, and then Trondheim. The kids were real troopers during the flights.

Here they are on our 9.5 hour Scandavian Air flight to Stockholm.

When we reached Stockholm, they'd hardly slept in over 24 hours...

...but when we landed in Trondheim, they were full of energy again.

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