Friday, August 24, 2007

Teen Milk Hell

Peter can remember what kind of milk to buy now. As he puts it, "Teen Milk Hell." (The brand is TineMelk, the variety is Hel, or Whole). It only comes in 1 liter cartons, so he's been biking to the store every day to buy milk.

A couple of days ago we allowed him to buy gum as well, and he was 1,50 krone short (about 20 cents). The clerk told him he could bring the extra money next time. So the next day we sent him to get milk with the exact amount of money, plus 1,50 kr. He returned with the wrong kind of milk, a variety called "Skummet Kultur", which is halfway between milk and yogurt (I'm going to try it on Muselix tomorrow... I'll let you know if it's as gross as it sounds). So, instead of being paid in full, he was short 2 crowns, which necessitated a trip to the store myself. The clerk was amused that I came down to pay the remainder. "Oh, it's only two crowns," she said dismissively. When I worked retail, it was always a very big deal if the till didn't balance exactly at the end of the shift. I wonder if this is a relaxed store or if Norwegians in general are more relaxed about the bottom line.

I borrowed a guitar, so I have music again -- yay!

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