Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Utrolige Sunshine

Today was the first day in a month that I got to sit down and do NOTHING all day. Glorious! A month ago as I surveyed the madness in the coming weeks, I realized all I needed to do was survive until we were settled in Norway, and then I could breathe. Ahhhh...

We have telephone service now, I'm trying out Skype. It's going to cost something like $9/month and we get outgoing and incoming phone calls, and voicemail. We have a US number so family and friends can call a domestic phone line, and it seems to work rather well.

Late afternoon the sun came out and warmed up beautifully. We had dinner out on the grass and the kids rode their bikes like crazy.

In the evening we watched "De Utrolige", or "The Incredibles". It was great to watch in Norsk (Norwegian) with Norsk subtitles, as we already knew much of the dialog but now we could hear and read it in Norsk. Tomorrow I may watch one scene over and over and memorize the dialog.


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