Sunday, September 23, 2007

Geology Day Downton

The wild weather continues, and after a visit to the Science Museum we walk to the central court in town where stands the Torg. The Trondheim Torg is a soaring granite tower. Standing atop is Olav Tryggvason, the Viking founder of Trondheim who died trying to unite all of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

In the square today was a village of canopies. We ducked inside from the rain and found ourselves learning about how oil is discovered and what the oil-saturated stone looks like, and then about the different kinds of marble in Finnmark and the unusual underwater globulous formations of minerals. It is Geology Day, and we make off with T-shirts, keychains, pens, and samples of the beautiful varieties of stone native to Norway.

Running back to car in the rain, we walk past pedistrian alley businesses and a vibrant indoor mall.


The kids loved this statue of Hjalmar Andersen, 5 time world record holder and winner of 3 gold medals in the 1952 winter olympics, beloved native of Trondheim.

(When I first wrote this post, I spelled his last name "Anderson"... a big no-no as my Norwegian friends pointed out! Spelling it with an -on is the Swedish way to spell the name. Sweden and Norway have an ancient rivalry, and while it is now friendly, the rivalry stretches back a thousand years, most of which was not friendly at all!)

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