Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grandma and Bumpa

Pam's mom and stepdad arrived today, after a one day airline delay due to thunderstorms. Grandma Ann and "Bumpa", as the kids call him, took the family out to eat at the Tårnet Egon, the restaurant on the Tyholt Tower (Tyholt Tårnet) that Pam and I went to on her birthday. I spent 15 minutes on video-link watching the kids play with the new toys Grandma and Bumpa brought them.

Back in the USA, I went to a Styx/Foreigner/Def Leppard concert last night (like a reunion for aging rockers) in Seattle. As we drove by downtown on the way to the venue, I admired, as always, Seattle's Space Needle. Built in the 60's, the Needle is still modern-looking and totally deilig (delicious). While Space Needle is arguably more beautiful than the Tyholt Tårnet, Trondheim's Needle has already garnered a special place in my heart. The Needle belongs to Seattle, but the Tårnet is ours.

How many cities, I wonder, have their own Space Needles, and does every one of them come with a revolving restaurant?

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