Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Hamster Invasion!

Allan's daughter Maia has given us her collection of dwarf hamsters. After having them for several years, she needs a break, and so we are adopting them for the remainder of our time in Norway. We have a daddy, a mommy, a youngster, and 4 newborns. The mommy and her babies are in one cage, the youngster is in her own cage because the mommy will attack her if she's near the babies, and the daddy is in his own cage because he will try to (a) eat the babies, and (b) mate with the youngster. He's 100% instinct.

They are extremely cute, quite small (the size of mice), and very active, gentle, and fun-loving. They enjoy being handled and played with, so they're perfect for the kids. One of them has been named Hamsterdam but we are soliciting names for the others.

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