Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hike to the Cave

Ingvill and Magne invited us over to their home this afternoon. Ingvill is the head of the Matematikksenteret, and I'll be working with her in January. We had a sandwich board for lunch with cloudberries for dessert. They found many kilos of cloudberries near Magne's parents house, and shared them with us.

After lunch, we went for a hike along the beach to a very interesting place...

Maggie tried walking Zeta, their brown Alaskan husky. Zeta is very energetic, and so it was a good thing that Maggie was strapped into a harness!

The beach is very nearby, and we followed a trail that led alternately through airy forest and along the rocky coast.

Finally, we reached a cave. The cave was carved by the Germans during WWII to use as a secret munitions storage area. Once inside, it quickly becomes very dark and a flashlight is a necessity. The cave winds around through the stone for about 100 meters, passing through a large chamber and finally exiting through a second opening further down the coast.

The weather was crazy today, alternating between sunshine and rain, which is of course the perfect recipe for rainbows. On the way back, we stopped to play on the beach and were treated to a full double arc rainbow. This was the second of three rainbows we would see on this hike!

Good friends, good food, and a fantastic hike, made for a perfect day!

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