Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Home, so to speak

It is strange to be back. The first strange part was seeing the gas prices at a gas station. It wasn't the price of gas itself, but rather for the past month I've been scrutinizing diesel prices ranging from 9.50 to 10.85 NOK per liter, and to see 3.11 as the price of fuel created a very strange mental dissonance. It made no sense, and for about 5 seconds I didn't understand at all what it meant.

Steve picked me up at the transit station and I crashed on Steve and Marcia's couch last night and will again tonight. Today I had an early meeting on campus (someone has a very funny sense of humor) and worked in the office all day. After being up for 27 hours and then sleeping poorly, I've been treated with an all-over tired body buzz.

iChat is working remarkably well as usual, and I've talked to Pam and the kids twice today, once this morning when they were all going to bed, and again this evening just as they are getting up.

I stopped by the house today, which we're renting out right now, and there's a horse in our yard!

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