Sunday, September 9, 2007

Infinity 2007

Every year since 2000, I've met with my friends Dave, Rob, and Mark for our annual Infinity Group conference. Dave and I are math educators, Rob is a neuroscientist, and Mark is a molecular biologist. We've moved all around the U.S., three of us have become PhDs (with the fourth well on his well), we've watched each other get married and have kids, but we've always managed to meet every year for a weekend to hang out, share ideas, and give formal presentations about our work.

This year, we decided to meet in Portland, Oregon, where Dave lives. We set the date for September 7-9, and Rob and Mark bought their plane tickets well ahead of time. Then the Norway plans happened, and this would have been the first time ever that one of us had missed the conference.

Well, with a couple of MacBooks with built in iSight camera, a free Skype connection, and careful time scheduling to account for a 9-hour time difference, I was able to join the gang via live video feed. I gave my talk and participated in theirs, and while it wasn't quite as good as being there in person, it was certainly good enough.

Great to see you guys again! Thanks for a great conference, and we'll see you live and in person in 2008! ... in Beijing?

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