Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Monday was my last full day in Norway for a bit. I am returning to the States for fall term, but I will continue to update this blog. I have many photos and stories to share, and I will be passing on news from the kids. Pam will start her blog soon.

I pulled Maggie and Peter from school today and we spent the afternoon playing D&D instead. To quote Caracatus Potts: "It will give the other kids a chance to catch up!"* It was a teary morning on Tuesday as I left ThIS. I walked downtown and caught a Flybuss to the Trondheim airport, then two flights and one more bus ride later, I find myself back in Ferndale.

Keep checking the blog, I'll continue to update several times a week! I've enjoyed getting your emails. Kisses to you!

* for 5 bonus points and a spin of the wheel, who is Caracatus Potts?

Playing hooky with Maggie and Peter

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