Sunday, September 2, 2007

Science Center

Sunday, a state-mandated day of rest. Most businesses are closed on Sundays. Stores must be less than 100 square meters in order to be open – some grocery stores partition a section of their store to stay open. It was a rainy day and so what to do? We found out that museums are open on Sunday, so we went to the Science Museum.

I'm a science museum junkie, and I must say that this is one of the most fun museums I've been to. Larger than expected, it had a very engaging selection of exhibits. We got to build a skeleton and pack organs into a body. We played in a dark room full of laser toys. There was a math lab with puzzles, mirrors, and strobe light games. But my favorite part was the outdoor area.

The museum is built around a central courtyard which is filled with vehicles, water and bubble play, a camera obscura, parabolic mirror, and other fun things. The kids went crazy with the variety of hand- and pedal-power vehicles: tricycles with the steering rigged to turn the wrong direction, unicycles with training wheels, low-to-the-ground buggies operated by two separate hand cranks, stilts, soap-box derby cars, and more.

We got a half-year family membership for about $40, which will make this one of our top entertainment values!

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