Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on Dora

A couple of posts back, I wrote about my fascination with the grittiness of the downtown dock area and the neighborhood across the street. Allan sends me some information on this area -- it removes some of the mystery but compensates by increasing the weirdness:

"The industrial site that is the Bowling Alley, is called Dora, and was built by the Germans as a submarine docking station. It is open to the fjord on the other end, and subs can go in under water. It has such thick reinforced concrete that it was impossible to remove after the war, as much as everyone wanted to. Now it is protected as a historical site, and Trondheim is trying to use it in effective ways. It is a very awkward place.

"[The building you thought may be a nightclub] is a building of punks as you say, but not a night club. The area has its own name "Svartlamoen" meaning Black Lademoen. (Lademoen is the part of town nearby that is not so gritty.) It is the Height Ashbury of Trondheim, and was the scene of much political strife. It was intended to be torn down and rebuilt by developers, but the punks put a stop to all the plans after several years of protests and sabotage. People came all the way from Denmark to be along in the campaign. Well known artists painted building walls, that were meant to be torn down, to keep them from being torn down."

In the picture here, Dora is the massive building whose corner you can see in the upper right (called the "kultur bunker"), and the triangular neighborhood is this historic district of Svartlamoen. Thanks Allan!

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