Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Walk into the Hills

It was a beautiful day today, so we went on an exploring hike, leaving from our leilighet and walking up into the hills on a quest to find blueberries. Join us for our walk...

We start on the paths right outside of our door. We live in a lovely area of town.

We walk past the cemetary...

...and the grass-roofed apartments...

...then through tunnels under a major road and the highway. The bike path system is awesome here, pedestrian paths are very wide, you can get everywhere in town on the network, and the paths both bridge over and tunnel under the roads. Signs show destinations.

Here's looking back at the steeple of the church near our leilighet and the Tyholt tower, our own Space Needle. The tower always helps to orient us.

We passed a 4H club, complete with cows.

As we walked higher and higher, the city opened up below us. We could see the water.

The buildings in Norway have a distinctive color and architecture.

As we left the city onto the cross-country trail system, we noticed that many trails have lights for the dark winters, and we came across a small soccer field, in the middle of nowhere! Our map also shows a coffee shop way out on the trails, not accessible by any roads.

Finally we reached the forest! There were millions of blueberry (or blåbœr) bushes. We picked a bagful, had a picnic in the woods, and headed home for naps.

IMG_0394.JPG copy

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