Friday, October 5, 2007

Mindball and Bølgende Arkader

The second time we visited the Science museum was on a rainy September Sunday. It was just as fun. We discovered new things we missed the first time, like this game Maggie and Peter are playing. It's called Mindball. Each player dons a headband which reads alpha- and theta-waves, compares the levels on a computer, and adjusts the position of magnetic ball on the table accordingly. The more relaxed a player is, the more a ball is pushed towards his or her opponent. Very cool!

(You can purchase one of these for about $22,000, here's the link if you're interested.)

While the kids were relaxing their brain waves, I was delighting in the painful electric shocks I could receive by grabbing onto a simulated electric cattle wire and pushing a button. Have you ever tried to push a button knowing that it will cause you pain? It is a very difficult thing to make yourself do!* (*Kind of like when we did a blood unit in high school anatomy and physiology - we poked holes ourselves every day for two weeks.)

Also at the museum is this remarkable piece of art called the Bølgende Arkader ("Bølgende" means "billowy" or "wavy"). As you move right and left, the painting shifts in exactly the way a painting should not shift. Here's a video showing the effect and how it is accomplished. I need one of these. I want to meet this artist.

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