Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Scrabble in Norsk

I had a chance to see a Norwegian Scrabble board. Of particular interest are the three extra letters in the Norwegian alphabet: ø, å, and œ. The point values of the pieces are different also, as the letters have a different distribution. The J, for example, is only worth 4 points as it is a fairly common letter, while the most valuable tile is C, worth 10 points (the same value as X and Z in the English version). Curiously, the letters Q, X, and Z are so uncommon in Norwegian, that they are not included in the Scrabble tiles. If you want to spell a word with one of these letters, you need to use a blank.


  1. Okay, but where can I buy a Norwegian Scrabble game?

  2. Minor edit required regarding one of the three extra letters of particular interest. The miniscules œ (œthel) and æ (æsh) look similar, but are different characters. Norwegian's letter æ is identical to the the Old English character æsh. The character œthel is not part of the Norwegian alphabet or orthography.