Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yes, the name of my building at NTNU is the Realfagbygget. There's just no good way to read that name.

They gave me my own office this past week. Here it is... it's got my name on the door and everything. There is a nice view through my window 4 stories down to the cafeteria.

There's cool stuff all over campus and thoughout this building. Here's a picture of the Foucalt pendulum in the Realfagbygget. It's a pendulum on a very long wire. A magnet in the center turns on and off to keep the pendulum swinging. Due to the rotation of the earth beneath it, the pendulum changes the direction of its swing, making a complete rotation every 24 hours. There are little metal pegs set up around the outside, and every few minutes the pendulum knocks one over. I don't know who sets the pins back up again.

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