Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Homecoming

I arrived in Trondheim on Thankgiving, took the Flybussen into town, and having arrived early, decided to surprise Pam by hauling my luggage up the hill to ThIS rather than wait for her to pick me up from the bus stop. I didn't think I could really pull 150+ pounds of bags uphill in the snow, but I did. I had to stop partway up and fish out my Yak Traks from my bags because I could no longer get enough traction to proceed. Yak Traks are like tire chains for your boots, they snap on and dig into the ice. It was a Herculean effort, especially after a very long trip, but I made it. I got within one block of the school when I saw Pam pull out of the parking lot and turn the other way. D'oh! I had to call her from the school to say "come back!"

It is just great to see everyone again! So much lovin'! The kids look so much bigger, especially Peter who looks like he's grown a couple of inches sinch August.

Here we are having dinner on Thanksgiving: Petter's Pizza! Yum!

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