Monday, December 31, 2007

Ha det bra, 2007!

Vitensenter yesterday was great. I spent a lot of time talking to an NTNU student who works there, he showed the kids all kinds of fun things. He told me I absolutely must meet Nils, a math guy from NTNU who creates all kinds of interesting things for the museum. Then Allan tells me his office is a few doors down from mine... aha! *THAT* Nils -- yes I know him! I'm all the more excited to get to work!

Today we went for a long walk down the MAXI grocery store, then met Eric and Fridjof from Maggie's class at an outdoor skating rink. Chaotic but fun!

Tonight we're going to Allan's house to watch the city fireworks which will be shot from the festning, then to a potluck at one of his neighbor's house, then we'll shoot off rockets. Woo-hoo!

This is the last New Year's that fireworks will be legal in Norway -- the government decided there were too many injuries last year. We can expect a LOT of explosions tonight!

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