Thursday, December 27, 2007


Day after Christmas we decided to risk potential crowds at Pirbadet, the aquatic center located right on the fjord in downtown. As it turns out, most of Trondheim was worried about crowds as well and the place was not busy at all.

The center is absolutely wonderful. It was quite pricey, costing us about $90 for the family, but we stayed all morning and had a fabulous time. The first thing I tried was a circular channel with a strong current swirling around it. We felt like Remy from Ratatouille on his way to Paris. The track opens to a pool but it is quite difficult to break free from the current to escape.

Next: the giant waterslide. Anna decided to give it a try as well, hugging her daddy for dear life all the way down. She was terrified, but immediately wanted to try it again. She went 3 times!

There's 4 hot tubs with different temperatures, 3 normal sized ones and one that's larger than our apartment. The main lap pool is salt water (I don't know why) and today they have a gigantic inflatable octopus in the middle on which kids play king of the mountain.

Another great feature of the center: the back wall is entirely glass and looks directly onto the fjord. We watched the cliffs light up pink with the 10 am sunrise, and stayed almost until sunset.

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