Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day

Last night we went to an Australia Day party at Matt's apartment. Matt is one of the several Australians working at ThIS. This was a typical college party, most people were in their early 20s and it was fun socializing and meeting a lot of new young people.

At midnight we decided to join them on a walk downtown to find a pub. It was snowing, big fluffy flakes, and it felt like we were walking in a snow globe. Downtown was alive, the streets filled with late night partiers. I saw my second police car, and several police officers chasing after someone who had thrown a bottle. I'm told this was a typical weekend downtown scene -- throngs of drunk people, the police waiting to catch people who smash bottles.

There were lots of taxis downtown as well. No one in Norway drives drunk. In fact, there was a nationwide sweep a few months ago where over a weekend the police pulled over 5000 cars to check for drunks. They found exactly 0 drunk drivers. Pretty remarkable.

We visited a bar briefly, left to find another, and got separated from our group, so Pam and I went to Burger King and got some french fries instead. The sidewalks and roads were quite slick on our walk back to our car -- I fell once (graceful landing), and we had to choose a different road on the way home because we started sliding backwards even with our studded tires.

It was a grand adventure, very fun to hang out with a young crowd and experience downtown nightlife. And it only cost the price of a large fries -- $5.

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