Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gratulerer med dagen!

It's my birthday. I am no longer young. 17 minutes ago I turned 40. Well, adjusting for time zones I think I really need to wait about 20 hours until it's 1 pm in Indiana, but legally I'm now 40 years old. It didn't seem old until I wrote it just now. Huh.

This morning there was fresh snow on the ground and it finally looks like winter again! I got picked up at 8:15 and went to Nardo school with Gerd who was completing a unit on airplane wing design with 7th graders. They had a competition today, and I got to supervise a team of students who were the jury for the competition. Gerd's son had built a huge catapult to lauch the airplanes, and it was a wonderful event.

We had to hustle back to make it for lunch -- I didn't understand what the big rush was, we could be late for lunch. But the Matematikksenteret had a surprise party for me! There was a beautiful cake, everyone sang the Norwegian birthday song for me, and they gave me a present... a very nice Dale of Norway sweater. I was extremely touched and feel very very welcomed with this group.

Pam went out with her friends tonight and I stayed in watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the kids. In the morning I suppose I'll be mobbed by children wanting me to be all energetic for my birthday. I'm getting too old for this... ;-)

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