Monday, January 7, 2008

It got cold

I spoke too soon, the jet stream shifted and we had the Nor'easter come in. Just like in Bellingham, sometimes the jet stream doubles back on itself and the air comes from the frozen east instead of from the warm ocean. Howling freezing cold wind! Pam dropped me and Maggie off at the office on Saturday but my key card didn't work on the final security door so we had to walk home. We pretended we were Ice Age pilgrims on a Nordic survival trek.

It's good to be at the office! I've been working on a chapter for a math education research book, an article I'm coauthoring with the math chair from West Point, and a book of Sound Numbers with Allan, who's dropped by the office every day for lively discussions. I'm having so much fun! Allan also brought me a bunch of books to fill the empty shelves in my office so I would feel more academic.

Along with those projects, I've been putting together ideas for a high school math club and writing up my abacaba stuff to be published in conference procedings from the November conference. Less than one week into my sabbatical and I'm running full steam ahead!

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