Saturday, January 19, 2008

Party! Gym. Language.

Pam and I went to a party last night at Megan and Marius' place, an apartment right next to the international school. We had a great time dancing to 70's disco and later the guitars came out and we had a sing-a-long. I met several new friends, folks I'm excited to see again.

This morning we went to work out, and Pam made a startling observation – she and I were the only two people in the fitness center wearing white socks. Everyone else was wearing black socks. Funny! Something else I noticed was how well-adjusted each weight machine was when I got on. Usually in the States I have to spend a minute getting each machine right, but in Norway the settings are perfect. Today it hit me – most people in Norway are tall, the same height as me! A small bonus...

I'm starting to understand snippets of Norwegian conversation now. Just a bit. I did order pizza last night entirely in Norsk, and that felt good. My office is filled with books about memory, courtesy of Allan, and I found a section in one book about memorizing languages. I'm going to try the techniques and report back soon. First I must find a suitable vocabulary list to memorize...

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