Thursday, January 3, 2008

Warm First Day

The kids are back in school today, and I've started at the Matikmatikksenteret today also. There are many fun projects I'll get to participate in, their model for disseminating ideas is excellent, one I may investigating replicating at home.

It has been warm... quite warm! Nearly all of the ice has vanished, which makes it nice for walking to campus. A bit disturbing, though, and strangest when you look at where in Norway it was the warmest. Svalbard is an arctic archipelago way way up north. Look on the globe for the largest landmass near the north pole and you'll spot it.

Check out this article from the Aftenposten (

Svalbard Warmest in Norway

It was finally snowing in southern Norway on Thursday, after a mostly green Christmas, but the weather remained unseasonably warm up north.

Svalbard, photographed here on a winter day in 2004, is exhibiting signs of global warming.


December was the warmest on record in northern Norway since 1900, and the relatively balmy temperatures continued into the New Year.

Thermometers hit a startling 6C (43F) on Wednesday on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, ranking it as the warmest spot in the country. State meteorologists said the "normal" temperature for Svalbard in early January -- calculated over a 30-year period -- is minus-14.6C.

Last year was, in fact, the warmest ever registered on Svalbard.

Average December temperatures for the entire country were 2.8 degrees higher than normal. The highest average temperatures were recorded along the coast from the counties of Nordland to Sogn og Fjordane.

Weather stations in the northern county of Troms and also in the southeastern county of Østlandet logged record precipitation as well. Some areas reported rainfall and snow 50 percent above normal in December.

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