Sunday, February 3, 2008

Art Day

Sunday we headed off to find the Miro Museum in the same part of town as the the Magical Fountain. There was not a clear Metro line nearby, so we took the subway to the nearest stop and walked. It was a long uphill walk... we couldn't see the hill on the map! The kids were beat by the time we reached the museum.

Very fun museum! Some of work is inspired, other works make me wonder why everyone isn't an artist. Here's Peter with a little creature outside the entrance, and Maggie and Peter with some art inside. Don't you think Miro's work is greatly improved with the inclusion of a Maggie or a Peter?

Our plan had been to head to the beach and dip our toes in the (chilly!) Mediterranian Sea, but it was raining on and off and a cable car beckoned to us. So we rode up to the top and discovered a very old fortress in which to play hide and seek. There's a lot of naked statues in Barcelona (I love this city!) but I surprised to see one next to the big guns on the fortress. Strange juxtaposition of images. If you look closely you can see Peter in the background attempting to plummet over the cliff.

The kids were beat by the time we got home, so Pam and I set out on our own for some late-night sightseeing. First we went to the Sagrada Familia, which is the cathedral designed by Gaudi. It looked ugly in the pictures and is requires switches Metro lines, so it was low on our list. My one regret for this trip is that we didn't visit during the day when it open. Oh my... truly an awesome spectacle in a very real sense of the word "awe." The cathedral is not finished as you can see by all the cranes, and when it is done it will be twice as tall. Strange strange bizarre natured-inspired architechture. The pictures don't do it justice, you have to be in the presence of this massive building to appreciate the impact. Wow!

Afterwards, we went to a house that Gaudi had built for a wealthy architect in the 30s. Admission was steep, 18 euros or something like that ($27 each). The building is a treasure. Not a straight line anywhere. Very weird designs, but designed to be very functional. Worth seeing, but it should be half the price.

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