Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to "Home Home"

No $100 taxi ride for us! We pack up and clean the apartment and hauling all of our bags, set out across town to find the train to the airport.

Along the way we see this statue, which is the funniest statue I'd seen all week. That poor man!

Now, according to two guidebooks we should board at Catalunya, according to another we need to board at Passeig de Gracia. 2 beats 1, we go to Catalunya, get all the way down, and I can't figure out how to do it looking at the signs so I ask a Metro worker: "¿Tren aeropuerto?"

She answers: "¡Metro, Passeig de Gracia, Tren aeropuerto!" Minimal Spanish language skills have certainly come in handy on this trip.

So we haul our stuff back up to the surface and walk 2 blocks to the next Metro station. This time is no one at the information window. I don't know what ticket to buy to let us in through the gates. Pam finds a call box with an Info button and we push it. "¿Tren aeropuerto?" I ask the voice on the tinny speak.

"Plaça Catalunya," he tells us.

"We were just there. They said to come to Passeig de Gracia!" I protest. He hangs up on me. Dang, bad memories of travel trauma from my previous trip to Spain begin to surface.

A friendly pedestrians happens upon us, and Pam asks him what to do.

"Oh -- don't take the Metro. The train is crap and drops you far from the airport. For 2 euros you can take the Aerobus!" He tells us how to find it -- in Plaça Catalunya. And find it we do. Funny that we had walked right by it on our way into the Metro, but of course wouldn't recognize it or know about it. This was an instance where it would be nice to be at a hotel with a conceirge. Having our own apartment was excellent, but we were on our own for figuring things out.

Here's me and Anna on the bus. Kids 5 and under ride free. Instead of a $100 taxi ride, we had a very comfortable $15 bus ride. Score!

At the airport, Anna was on the books as leader of our party (I guess they sort it alphabetically) so she got to use her finger on the fingerprint scanner. Here she is with her magic finger:

And here I am contemplating the perplexing Barcelona fashions. Ummm... I don't think so.

Last picture of the trip, beautiful ice on the airplane window. Finally, back "home home."

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