Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Peter's been going to SFO the last couple of days and playing games in the computer lab all day... his idea of heaven. Tonight Anna went to Anna-Lola's house for a sleep over. Last I heard they had showered, been read to, and were happily tucked in and chatting away up in Anna-Lola's bunk bed.

Maggie, Anna and I visited Pam this morning and Peter and I went tonight. Pam is using crutches now. Apparently her leg is structurally sound but will be painful to use for 6 weeks so she'll be on cructches for a while. She had a very tough night and bad morning, but Peter and I brought her sushi and miso soup for dinner and she is much, much better.

My big accomplishment: I went to speak to an administrator at the hospital and when I asked "Kann vi snakker engelsk?" he replied, "Mmmm... kann vi snakker norsk?" So I had a complete conversation with him in Norwegian and we understood each other.

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