Friday, February 22, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Pam is home!

It was a long week. The surgery was well done, and the nurses were kind and attentive, but the information we received was terrible. The doctor visited once after the surgery (and Pam doesn't even remember the visit because she coming off of general anesthesia) and not again un til the last day. Pam had many questions during the week, but the nurses couldn't answer them ("Wait for the doctor," they'd say). The doctor didn't have answers either... questions about devices to help in the home, follow-up care, who to contact to arrange for further assistance, etc. It was funny, too, how about half the hospital employees didn't speak English, and several people I spoke too were annoyed that I didn't speak Norwegian. So, it's good to have Pam home, but there are many things about the system that are still a mystery to us.


  1. Mein gott!!
    I heard about Pam's accident. I am so sorry for you, Pam. You poor baby. I can kind of feel your pain. I hope you are being taken good care of, although I am not sure if the rest of your family is in Switzerland still. It must be so hard to find a comfortable position to lie/sit in, not to mention use the toilet. I hope you have many good DVDs to watch, and that you feel better and better.
    I send my love, and warm thoughts.
    Take good care of yourself, and be really careful when you are out and about. I miss you all!

  2. Thanks David! None of us went to Switzerland... the "togetherness" was all of us at home together over a school holiday. It wasn't much of a holiday, that's for sure!