Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Evening

The kids were exhausted and wanted to stay in and play video games, so Pam and went on a little shopping excursion. I bought a new pocket camera to replace my Canon that I loved but broke last fall. I couldn't bring myself to spend $400-500 on a replacement in Norway, but here in Spain I found a nice Nikon for about half that. Fortunately the power outlets are the same in Spain as they are in Norway, so the charger will work just fine when we get home.

Speaking of home, Anna asked "When are we going home?" I had to have her clarify... which home? Our home in Spain, in Norway, or in the U.S. Suddenly I felt very wealthy -- for the weekend we have 3 homes in 3 different countries!

After dinner, Pam and went out again to visit a tapas bar. The town was hopping by this point, throngs of people everywhere, music in the streets, the mood light. We found a small table in a classy wine shop and had local red wine and some absolutely delicious tasty things on sticks. Not sure exactly what they were, but they were fantastico! We came home very happy.

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