Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday in Barcelona

To start our first full day, we picked a likely spot on our map: the big city park to the east. It would be a long walk, so we had a big breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs and set off. We stopped at another market and bought chocolate muffins, then continued off the main road, taking a shortcut through some sketchy-looking neighborhoods. Clothing hung off nearly every balcony to dry.

Finally we reached the park. To the north was the Arc d'Triumph (just like in Paris!) We entered the park and while Peter and Anna were playing on a jungle gym, Maggie took pictures of pigeons. An old man, delighted with the scene, wandered up and showed us where we could see some black and green birds. As we were leaving, he hurried up and told us not to miss the "water bears over there." He couldn't think of the English word, but pointed us in the right direction. Following his lead, we found a big fountain with dragons in it, a giant mammoth statue, and a tree with a scary face!

We then visited the zoo, a very nice zoo. The kids were more interested in the pigeons than the zoo animals, though. On our way out of the park we found orange trees -- Peter stood on my shoulders and we picked a couple.

After lunching at an Udon restaurant, we tracked down the Museu de la Xocolata, which we spotted on our map and were hoping it was a chocolate museum. We were not disappointed. For a small fee, we learned all about chocolate making, chocolate history, and saw all kinds of intricate chocolate sculptures in refrigerated glass cases.

On our way home, we passed through the square in front of the cathedral again -- and it was filled with road rally cars from all over the world. Exciting!

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