Monday, February 18, 2008


In Norway, the most common cause of hospitalization is broken bones caused by slipping on ice. Why do I mention this? Because Pam is currently in St. Olav's hospital having another authentic Norwegian experience.

Pam, Anna, and I were walking back from the Bunn Pris yesterday, when Pam slipped on some ice and fell down. It didn't look like a bad fall, but she was in a lot of pain and knew something was wrong. When she couldn't get up, I left Anna with her and went home to get the car. By the time I returned, an ambulance was there. They loaded her up and took her to the Legevakt.

An x-ray confirmed the worst: she had cracked her femur up near the hip. Can you spot the big fracture in her bone in this picture?

It is a school holiday this week... yeah Pam gets to have her holiday in the hospital. The good news is the hospital is deserted. She was the first bone surgery of the day, whereas usually there would be 10 surgeries lined up. Also, there are 12 nurses for 19 patients in her hall, so service has been excellent.

She went into surgery last night and they inserted a plate and a pin. The surgery went well and she is expected to be able to walk on it soon, maybe a few days, maybe a week. She'll be in until Friday.

We have tickets to Switzerland tomorrow, but.... looks like Pam will be "relaxing" in a different kind resort and the kids and I will be having a whole lot of togetherness instead!

I'll keep you posted...

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