Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Meeting

Sickness is running through the family. Anna was sick on the train to Oslo on Thursday, Peter was sick Saturday night in our hotel room, Maggie was sick Monday night, and it hit me on Tuesday. The timing was very awkward. Tuesday night was my big meeting with assistants and volunteers at Eberg school, the people I'll be working with next week when I teach 3rd grade for the Math Center's Skoleovertakelse (school take-over). How was I supposed to fool them into thinking I can speak Norwegian while battling nausea? I brought a plastic bag with me to the meeting just in case, but I survived withing having to kaste opp. The assistants and volunteers are quite excited to be working with me next week, and they see my language differences as something very positive for the kids. Whew! Dodged another bullet! Still feeling grim today, but I came into work regardless. Might as well be working, yes?

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