Saturday, March 22, 2008

Folksmuseum and Eggs

Påskeaften (Easter Eve).

Another fabulous breakfast buffet, then off for more adventures! The snow had snopped, but the mercury fell to –7°C. That's about 20°F. (It sounds better in Farenheit.) We walked past the palace, down to the waterfront and waited for the ferry to Bygdøy, one of the islands that are part of the city.

Following the road from the ferry landing through some lovely neighborhoods, we came to the Oslo Folk Museum. First we went to their Easter Egg decorating workshop and painted eggs, then saw an amazing Easter egg display with the most creative art I've seen with eggs (we have plans for our chickens back home!) The grounds were wonderful: lots of old buildings from Norway long ago, a horse and buggy ride we took around the village, fresh lefsa cooked on a fire, a pancake house with free pancakes for the kids.

Surprise meeting #2: Anna spotted her friend Sophia from school, with parents Evalina and Daniel. Small country getting smaller! Who will we meet tomorrow?

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