Monday, March 31, 2008

Første Dag

Førsten dagen til Eberg var veldig bra. Jeg har snakket norsk hel dagen og jeg kan ikke stoppe... men jeg vil prøve...

First day was a big success! My tongue is tied in knots from speaking Norwegian all day... it is difficult to switch back to English! I was understood and we did some good mathematics – and juggling – today. The kids are absolutely wonderful, so very nice. Today we did juggling, balancing, multiplication, art and number patterns with fractals.

I also gave a slide show about the United States and about life at home. I was most impressed with how many of the kids could identify not only George W. Bush but also Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. They recognized the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty (which they called the Freedom Goddess), and could identify George Washington on Mount Rushmore. Wow! Everything took longer than expected, which was itself expected, and that was just fine. The slideshow, for example, I had planned would take 15 minutes, but we ended up talking for more than half an hour as they floored me with their worldly knowledge and great questions.

Plenty to do for tomorrow...

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