Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meeting the Kids

I spent the morning at Eberg skole visiting with the kids. Wow, they are very nice and very excited about our upcoming week! I am too. There are 57 children altogether, normally divided into 3 groups (next week we'll split them into 2 groups). I sat and talked with each of the 3 groups today, told them about myself and answered all kind of questions... and I did it in Norwegian. I seem to have crossed some kind of language threshold into a minimally proficient zone. It feels like I've learned enough vocabulary, structure, expressions, and listening and speaking skills to be able to communicate "enough," whatever that means.

The teachers at least tell me I can speak very well, and they seem genuinely happy to have an English-speaking teacher next week so that the children can practice English. It should be a very positive experience for everyone, I hope. I certainly expect to learn a lot of norsk next week!

I have tons of work to do in the next few days preparing for the start of classes, including the challenge of structuring parallel activities which my assistants can carry out.


  1. Hei Mike. Jeg tror det blir veldig gøy neste uke. Jeg har øvd meg på å brette "trapp" sammen med mamma.
    Hilsen Martin
    Rødgruppa, 3.trinn, Eberg

  2. Hei Martin! Hyggelig å få meldingen fra deg! (Jeg håper grammatikken min er ok!) Neste uke vil være veldig gøy, jeg er sikkert! Du har øvd deg på å brette "trapp"?! Det er supert!

    Se du i morgen!