Friday, March 21, 2008


Langfregad (Good Friday) in Oslo.

We were warned that traveling to Oslo for Easter break might be a bad idea as many businesses will be closed for the holiday, but we've found plenty of things still open.

Friday morning we started with a fabulous breakfast buffet, included with our hotel package. The buffet was pretty much all-encompassing: a pastry table, fruit, cereal, yogurts, meats, cheeses, breads, hot American-style dishes such as potatoes, eggs, and bacon, as well traditional Norwegian breakfast items like liver paste and gravelaks (thin-slice raw salmon). I've developed a taste for raw fish for breakfast, especially when eaten with scrambled eggs. My doctor will be pleased.

We had quite a breakfast to work off, so we went swimming followed by cooking ourselves in the hotel sauna.

Outside the snow was snowing, so we bravely bundled up and headed out. Past the royal palace to the national theater and on to the subway, we resurfaced outside of the Munch museum. Edvard Munch is the Norwegian artist who brings us "The Scream." Turns out he made other paintings as well, and they're pretty good!

Outside of the museum we ran into one of Anna's teachers, Mr. Bruno. It was a surprise to see someone we know so far from home... small country!

Below: three views of The Scream and one of Cupid and Psyche, my favorite Munch painting. By the way, "Munch" is pronounced "Munk." I know, I really want to pronounce it like it's spelled, too.

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