Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Norwegian Mexican

Vacation! We splurged and went to a Mexican restaurant tonight, Grønn Pepper. It was okay, but didn't really compare to the Mexican restaurants back in Washington. Norway it seems is just too far away from Mexico. The salsa was thin and not very flavorful, which is very nearly a deal-killer. The margaritas, too, were small and weak. There were some nice elements of the meal, however:

The decor and atmosphere were festive and it felt very good inside. They had menus in English as well as Norwegian which was nice. We had "iguana eggs" as an appertizer (stuffed chili peppers) which were yummy.

The true stand-out of the experience was what the kids ordered: hot dogs which arrived at the table looking like little octopi. The pølse was small sausages, halved and partially split on the cut end into four sections then fried so that the cut bits curled outwards like octopus legs. So very cool!

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