Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today starts the week-long Easter vacation. Pam was going a bit stir-crazy so we went downtown to have an adventure. We parked by Nidarosdomen and walked into the old part of town. Here we discovered a small restaurant I had heard about, the Bakklandet Stasjon. This used to be a stable and inn a few hundred years ago, and was also one of the few places that a women traveling without a chaperone could get spend the night and uphold her reputation. The restaurant had the feel of an old Bellingham coffee shop, place your order at the counter and find a seat in one of the small rooms filled with old furniture. The kids had fry bread with cheese and Pam and I had the fiskesuppe (fish soup).

Afterwards we scouted out a promising alley and found a "secret beach" on the river. The kids threw stones and tried to commandeer a row boat. We then explored the specialty art shops along the street before heading back home. In the second picture below is Trondheim's famous bicycle lift. Standing on your bicycle, you can place a foot on a pedal coming out of a slot in the pavement and it will push you and your bicycle all the way up the hill. I have yet to see it in action, I understand it is difficult to use.

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