Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We've received many packages since we've been in Norway, and want to give a public THANK YOU to those who have sent them... especially since it is so very expensive to ship items here. Norway allows only air post (no boats) and taxes incoming items heavily, so it costs $20, $40, even over $100 to sent a reasonably package from the US to Trondheim. We received books, puppets, clothing, prescriptions, birthday gifts, and many other goodies from friends and family overseas.

Today we got two packages -- one from Pam's mom Ann who mailed us a package of glass for Pam's artwork, and one from her aunt Mary who sent us a box of cupcakes and Little Debbie snacks. This package had to be one of the funniest -- postage was $45, which makes the value of the cupcakes more like that of filet mignon!

Thanks for the packages everyone! We know that the postage often exceeds the value of the contents, but what a joy it is to receive a gift from home!

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