Sunday, March 9, 2008


Peter wanted to play Scrabble yesterday, I had my doubts but he did wonderfully! We got our Norwegian Scrabble set in January from the lady who lived downstairs. She was moving and had a lot of arts and crafts supplies and a few other things she didn't want to bring with her. Our family was the only people she knew in the apartment complex -- because she had met Pam and the kids on St. Lucia's day when the kids had dressed in white and brought cookies door to door. (See Pam's blog entry on St. Lucia's Day)

So Peter and I played dual-language Scrabble, and we both spelled some norsk words. I plunked down TØRST and ÅPEN (thirsty and open), and Peter spelled BÅT (which means boat). I had no idea he knew so many words!


  1. I lake very much this. Beautifull picture. Excusme mi english.

  2. I can't believe you have a son so grown up--that is so cool.