Monday, March 3, 2008

Sæd eller Frø?

Here's a very nice Video about Svalbard ... it has an ad you have to watch before the special, but it's quite good. Merete sent me the link.

I finally learned how to type this character: æ. (It's the 28th letter of the Norwegian alphabet and it's pronounced with the same aaaaaa! sound you'd make if you were falling off of a cliff.)

Nice, huh? æ æ æ æ. It's option-singlequote in case you're wondering. (The other two extra letters, ø and å, are option-o and option-a.)

Anyway, I found a nice video about the seed bank in Svalbard and emailed Merete back. I've been practicing Norwegian so I write my emails in norsk now. (I spend a lot of time looking up words - it's okay, I'm a linguaphile.) When I looked up 'seed' in the ordbok (dictionary) it listed several words as options, so I chose the closest: sæd. (Notice the 'æ'.) I then wrote to her about the exciting video about the 'sæd bank'.

Unfortunately, I should have chosen 'frø', not 'sæd'. Instead of writing about the 'seed bank' I instead wrote about the 'sperm bank'.

Yup, that's a fairly significant difference. Sure is.

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